About me

Hey I’m Kelly and I would like to share with you a little about myself and my business.

I am a digital entrepreneur (that just means I make money from a business I started online).

At the moment my main business is as an affiliate marketer which means I recommend products & services to people to whom they will provide value to and then receive a commission from this.

My main goal is to help others go after the life they truly want, live free and enjoy life. I do this by introducing and helping them learn from the same mentors I used myself to get where I am today.

Do you ever think what’s next?

This applies to people of all of ages, backgrounds and situations. I have my story but everyone’s will be different and ‘live free’ is about finding what is right for you. I had been in the working world since I was 16 which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t particularly long considering time out at University etc but already I was starting to think is this what it will be like for the next x amount of years until retirement. Moving around jobs, trying to find something that really stimulates me and can give me that drive to keep going. I had been in some good jobs, fun and interesting yet nothing made me feel excited about the long stretch of years in front of me. So, I got thinking where I want to be in 10 years time and what do I want to be doing….

Why I got started

I’m 27 years old and I love my life, I have great family and friends, own a house with my partner and am generally happy.

The main grudge I had in life was probably similar to a large majority reading this page – there was so much I still wanted to do but time and money meant these weren’t always possible.

I started doing a lot of research into different options that were available to me that would allow me to create the opportunities and time to make all the things I wanted to do possible. At first I felt a little dis-heartened as we all know there is so much on the internet these days it was hard to filter through the rubbish to find something that was really going to be worthwhile. When I first came across the SFM I was still sceptical but I was intrigued to find out more so kept going and I am so glad I did! To put it simply I decided to start marketing in order to take control of my life. I always believed I would be someone who either loved their job but had little money or hated my job but stayed for lots of money. Yet since leaving university I have sat in the middle ground like so many people do. Taking the first step to change this was obviously the hardest and seemed so scary at first but once I started to become more involved and realised I was actually enjoying what I was doing it didn’t seem nearly as daunting.

What’s changed?

Taking that leap, the first step in trusting in myself and what I was doing really was the hardest. Putting your own self-doubt (as well as the doubt of a few others) to the back of your mind can be tricky. The notion I focused on was ‘in a years’ time where will I be if I don’t start making a change today’ and that scared me into action!

I am currently learning something new every day, reaching personal and income goals and this is only the beginning – there is still so much more for me to achieve. I hope as I progress that I can introduce even more people that were in my position and most of all help them find the right path for them.

How does this relate to you?

You may be thinking, I am in a different place to you, how can I make this work, how do I know if it will work? To this I would say is it not worth a try?

So many of us just go through the daily cycle never really pushing ourselves, or trying to make a life we truly love – especially in our careers. We invest so much in to our day to day life is is not time to start making sure that investment benefits you and your loved ones?

Make a change today and start living a life of freedom!

In this complimentary video series, you will learn how all I have been talking about was made possible, meet my mentors and hopefully enjoy finding out whether this is right for you.

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