So, by now you should have identified what kind of change you want to make. The next step is continuing the progression and not allowing yourself to just sit back on the idea – which eventually would lead to nothing at all!

Most people in life have an idea of what they want to do and what they want to achieve but don’t know how to go about getting it. The process will be different for everyone and if you see it as a learning curve, making mistakes and going through uncomfortable times are all part of the journey.

That being said there are definitely some steps that can help you stay on track, a few methods that I found useful and still do with any new challenge are:

Be sure to note down the changes you want to make -this way you can have a tick list and a reminder of what you’re working towards. It is much harder to ignore low productivity when the evidence is right there in front of you. It is also a great reminder of why you got started and can be key in keeping up motivation if things get tough.

Assign timescales – keeping on track can be hard, that’s natural and it’s easy to be hard on yourself if the progress is slow but if you have assigned a deadline it keeps you positive about how far you have come and the next steps you can take to keep moving forward.

Write down your actions – No matter how big or small every point matters, even the smallest detail can be the key to moving forward. These will keep you focused and most of all help you identify any areas that you’re missing.

All this being said the most important point to remember is that you have made the decision to make a change and you’re taking steps to getting there. You’re already better off than the majority of the population!

You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax, master the day, then just keep doing the same again and you will soon notice a big difference!