Find yourself wanting more from life? Needing a change that never seems to happen? Me too!

The problem is, chances are it won’t just happen, if we don’t force something to change how can we expect our lives to be any different?

The key is to find out what it really is that we would like to change. It’s easy to wish for everything but without finding out what ‘everything’ really means we have no target/no point of achievement.

I started by writing a list of what my life is now and where I wanted it to be in 12 months – this clearly highlighted to me that all the changes I wanted to make were around my career and where that was taking me for the future. Yours may not be about work (although since starting this business I’ve found for most people it is) but the same rules still apply. You won’t be able to make a change until you identify the what, whys and whens.

If you find it hard to pinpoint where you want to be or what the change is then start by writing down things you want to do and then simply ask yourself ‘in my current situation are these things possible’?

Don’t get me wrong, noting down your thoughts obviously isn’t just going to transform your life in a day but it’s a start and that really is the hardest part. Pushing yourself to begin making the change and being honest about it is the first step.

So go ahead, make a start today and I’ll catch you on the next post ‘keeping up with the change’.