Find yourself thinking about what could have been or what you could be doing right now, all the things you’re missing out on? Whether that be in your personal life or work life, that’s natural – we all have times where we wish for more.

The key element that sets us apart is making the choice to make a change and go after what we want. And that may not always mean following the easiest path. It may be hard and it most likely will take commitment but you have to focus on the end goal.

It wasn’t until I started asking myself how I can make a change and most importantly if I don’t where will my future take me, that I really saw a change in myself. If you don’t overcome your fears, even if that just means taking that first step to your goal then where you are now is probably where you will be in 5 years. This can apply to anything, you career, your relationships, your money situations – they all come down to the same point. No-one is going to make the change for you – you need to do it for yourself.

Looking a little deeper, the way I saw it was if I don’t do something now I will never become the person I want to be. You can have a great life but without achieving the goals you set for yourself there will always be that tinge of regret. And sometimes that does mean placing yourself in unfamiliar, maybe even uncomfortable situations but these are the situations that force us to grow. You need to push yourself to the limit of what you THINK you’re capable of and then go past that – it’s surprising once you start getting results and achieving goals how much easier it is to then smash your next set and so on.

You always need to believe that today is going to be better than yesterday- that’s what gets us up in the morning. It’s the reason we strive for better.

Life goes faster than you think so never wait for something that you could be doing today.

Go ahead, start building your future today. It is yours for the taking!