It’s Friday, the pains of Monday morning are forgotten and it is just time to relax and enjoy the upcoming weekend – finally!

But then what happens when it comes back round to 9pm on Sunday and the week ahead is stretching out in front of you?

Now, this isn’t to be negative and say we must all dread our week at work. I enjoyed some days in my old career but the problem was it didn’t motivate me. I was trading hours for money, not learning anything new and not really improving my life in any way – and I’m sure this will be true for the large majority of you out there.

But what if we could make our week into something great, something we didn’t mind setting an alarm for, something that rewarded us and improved our lives instead of lining someone else’s pocket?

You may be thinking, I can’t just try something new, what if it doesn’t work out, I have responsibilities but there doesn’t always have to be a trade-off.

Once I decided to make a change and go after what I wanted I found that actually if you have a plan, set yourself goals and do everything you can to get there you can achieve so much more than you think. Most of the time it is only ourselves that hold us back, that nagging voice in the back of the mind.

So, start small…

  • Set yourself a target to complete by the end of the week that will improve how you feel that week.
  • Set a target to complete by the end of the month that will benefit your life going forward.
  • Picture what you want your daily life to look like in a years’ time, how you could go about getting it? Then set a target, just as before that will get you there.

It is really important to physically write these down, so they are there to look back on and refer to you if you ever start to have doubts or stop focusing on your goal.

I always kept this quote in the back of my mind to remind myself that there was a goal and I was working towards something, even if some days it didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

‘If I get started today, where will I be a year from now?’

I didn’t want another year to pass and find myself in exactly the same position with exactly the same unachieved aspirations.

No matter how big or small, that one change you make today could transform not just your week but the rest of your life!

So, go ahead invest in yourself today, if you would like to find out more about how I got started check out my about page, alternatively feel free to take a look around the rest of the site or get in contact – it would be great to hear from you.