Imagine a day where everything is going right, you’re in a positive mood, feel on top of everything and most of all enjoying the day!

Unfortunately for many of us (other than weekends) this tends not to be true, an accurate summary of our working week more often than not it is dealing with other people issues, problem solving that won’t benefit our lives and spending time out of our home life over-working.

So why do so many of us put up with it?

To be honest, I think it is what we’re programmed to do. Everything is geared to us building up to the two days of freedom – making the most of the weekends and then succumbing to the Monday morning dread at 9pm that Sunday evening.

So, what is holding you back from changing that?

It is most often our own belief that holds us back, that little voice in our heads saying what if this happens, what if this goes wrong, what if I can’t make it work (as it was for myself) but imagine a scenario where it wasn’t an option – if you didn’t make it work then you would lose everything. I bet then you would find a way!

My realisation came to me after speaking to family and friends, of all different ages. Discussing a particularly stressful Monday and how I didn’t want this to be my life for the next x amount of years. It was funny to hear people from the older generation that had been through most of their working life say ‘go for it, you’re still young and you don’t want to look back with regret’. The younger generation all shared the same fears as me – it may go wrong, is it too risky? Funny what hindsight can do, of all the family members I spoke to none looked back with regret for what they did but instead of what they hadn’t done. That is when I decided to look into what options were available to me.

Now I’m not saying sit down with family members and have a deep chat about your life ahead but it may just be worth discussing your thoughts, putting them on paper or even just allowing them to develop rather than stuffing the dreams back down.


Whatever our age or situation, at the end of the day we all deserve to really enjoy our lives, have our own time and make it worth our while. I took control of my career and haven’t looked back since- it has given me the freedom to enjoy life with the people I love and that to me was the most important thing. I’m not saying it will be the easiest path to take, my path took determination and patience but once I started I realised there was no going back and actually I didn’t want to. It’s amazing how different things become when you are doing it for yourself and enjoying it!

So go on, take that leap and trust yourself for once – go after what you want and you may just find it was the best decision you ever made!

You can check out where I got started on my about page or alternatively feel free to get in contact and let me know what you’re holding back on and what I can do to help!