Freedom – a word that can only conjure up great feelings for anyone and yet it can mean something completely different to us all.

Freedom to travel…

Freedom with money…

Freedom from a place…

Freedom from a job…

Freedom to your time… the list really is endless.

Whatever it means to you, freedom can really be defined in one simple phrase –  freedom to live. No matter what we choose, freedom is living life, our way, with what and who we want.

It wasn’t until I realised what freedom meant to me that I understood I was the only person that was able to give it to myself. If I wanted it I was going to have to go out and get it. And that doesn’t mean you have to be on your own (I am now part of a great community of people that were in the same position as me, that has given me the freedom I wanted), it just means that your mindset needs to be in a place that will you allow yourself to go for it.

That may mean going outside of your comfort zone, taking that perceived risk or simply just making one big change – whatever it is, all we have to understand is that we deserve it, we deserve to control our own lives and reach for whatever makes us happy.

This is why I chose the name I did for my site as this resonates with me so much – it has become what I think about each morning, what I remind myself – LIVE FREE!

So I ask you to have a think and take a step forward today, to start making life the way you want it.

4 simple steps…

1) Think about what freedom means to you.

2) How you are going to go about getting it?

3) A time frame for when you want to get it.

4) Then focus on the reward and go for it!


Feel free to get in contact and let me know what you think freedom means, and how you are going to go about getting it. Alternatively, you can check out my about page for insights into how I got started making my life what I wanted it to be. Whatever you decide to do just start working towards your FREEDOM today.