If you’re anything like I was when talking about your ‘dreams’ I bet you view them as the unattainable, something that we would love but are never going to reach. We think those who live a dream life must have had some miracle top make it happen or just be really lucky.

But why do we do this to ourselves? The only person stopping us reaching our dreams is ourselves!

I began really simply with the below:

  • Start by writing your dreams down (no matter how crazy they seem)
  • Choose one (the most important to you at this moment in time)
  • Now cross out the word dream and write it as a target (with a target we can set ourselves a plan, a step by step guide to reaching it)


  • Dream – I wish I was rich.
  • Target – I am going to make £200,000 in 2 years
  • Step 1 – money making ideas
  • Step 2 – getting started
  • Step 3 and so on.

A really simple example but I think it represents the point I’m trying to make.

For me the main reason I started my site was to have a career that would give me the time, freedom and love for what I do and had always craved. Not counting down until the weekend but living every day the way I wanted. It had seemed like a dream for such a long time – getting out of a corporate career and taking a risk, but once I set out a plan (setting daily/weekly/monthly targets) it became so much easier.

And… I found that when you start doing what you truly want to do, you start living a different kind of life.

It is hard to just go for it, but my best advice is to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right. You never know, the first step you take today could be that step that creates you a whole new life.

Feel free to check out the rest of the site, if you would like to find out how I got started then you can find the info on my how it works page. Alternatively feel free to get in contact, let me know what your dreams are, what is stopping you from getting them and most of all how I can help!