How many times this week have you thought ‘it’s only 5 days until this’ or ‘if I just get through today, tomorrow will be better’. The chances are quite a few, and if you haven’t then you are in the minority.

So many of us believe that we have to earn those few weeks a year that we love, by doing something that doesn’t give us much joy throughout the week. Although I am not writing exhaustively about work, for most of us (as it was for myself) this will be the main part of life that if we could, we would change.


So how do we go about changing this? I started with the simple steps below.

  1. Identify what it is you don’t love
  2. Note done all the ways you could change this
  3. Choose one option
  4. Identify a time frame
  5. Go for it!

It’s amazing just how writing down our thoughts and seeing them in the flesh can inspire us to work harder to reach them.

I realised that to get the life I love I had to take control, making my day about bettering my life and not lining someone else’s pockets.

For you, it may be something completely different but the first step (and also the hardest) is to identify the problem and then decide to do something about it. For most of us, we just don’t know what options are available to help us out of our situation. Society also teaches us to stick within our comfort zones but if we really go for it, take the risks and put ourselves out there, it really is amazing what can be achieved. I know this as I myself have done it – pushed myself to succeed, achieve new goals and feel inspired in what I do.


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Just remember life shouldn’t just be about getting through each day. It should be about loving each day, what you do with it and who you are spending it with!